Beach Accountants Limited is a Reporting Accountant for ATOL and is registered to conduct any work on Travel Agents and the Travel industry.

Beach has several Travel industry clients from booking holidays at a travel agency to exclusive travel and security for bespoke personal and business trips.
Having many years of experience dealing with Travel industry clients, we feel we can offer a competitive industry price, and offer a personal service and a high level of professionalism.

Beach Accountants is one of the few Accounting practises that is ATOL registered outside the local cities, meaning our accessibility to get to our practise is potentially easier without compromising quality.


Beach Accountants has been dealing with the Agricultural industry for many years, with its complex rulings for taxation and the nature of the industry.

In an age where farming has had to diversify to ensure that it can remain profitable has been a key in the industry. Beach Accountants has guided its clients with this type of diversity and advised the clients of the taxation rulings and viability of the ventures to ensure that farming can be a long term industry.

Farming and Agriculture is a lifestyle, a passion and livelihood which Beach Accountants knows and understands and can assist to ensure that you gain the most from the Agricultural industry with the taxation rulings applicable only to this industry.

Construction, Offshore and Engineering

Beach Accountants prides itself on the knowledge the company has obtained in this field.

Our clients range from individual sole traders and Limited companies to Construction companies with numerous employees and sub contractors, dealing with payroll and Construction Industry scheme taxation to restoration building VAT claims.

Conversion of business premises to residential properties to assist the homeless with affordable accommodation to architects to design and build bespoke premises to painting the final product.
The knowledge of taxation work in this area is vast, and some of the companies has Research and Development work that can then claim large taxation refunds.

Offshore work is complex but also financially rewarding and Beach have the knowledge and experience to deal with your financial and taxation matters.

Energy and Green Renewables

Beach Accountants is very aware of the importance of the Energy and Green industry.

With an aim to become a paperless environment is what is traditionally a paper environment is a challenge that Beach have taken on whilst looking at other energy efficient ways to lower our carbon footprint.

Many of our clients have this mind set and Beach ensure that where possible they can identify and check methods that may qualify as Research and Development, so that whilst companies are trying to be more efficient and save money, they can also be innovative and claim back R&D costs through available taxation rules.

We have several clients in the Energy industry as this is a high cost when running a business and we are all subject to this cost in our homes. Our clients range from selling energy supplies to loft installation and fitting electricity points for electric cars.

Fitness and Sports Facilities

Beach Accountants has always had passion with sport and fitness. Gavin, the Director, has always been an avid road runner and is now a triathlete.

With a fitness mind set, the Beach Accountants has involvement with numerous Personal Trainers and Gyms in the local area along with Football teams and various sports clubs.

Fitness is an industry Beach Accountants has been involved in for many years, and this big business has evolved into Super Food and Protein drinks and supplements as well as sportswear and accessories. Also sport therapies and acupuncture treatments have brought an extra dynamic to the industry.

Beach has clients in all these areas and has extensive knowledge and understanding in this sector, for both your accounting and taxation needs.

Information Technologies and Web Design

Beach Accountants has numerous clients in this fast moving industry that require constant evolving and monitoring, results in accounting and taxation work with these companies changing instantly and continually.

The progression of these businesses and their products are new and exciting and can often attract Research and Development Tax relief that is generous and can assist in the new growing companies to prosper and succeed to the next level.